Letter to Fans from GM Ryan Eucker

by Ryan Eucker

On behalf of the Cedar Rapids IFL franchise’s new ownership and management, I’d like to thank you for your past support of the team. We’re looking forward to bringing a new vision, energy, and commitment to not only the team but to the community, and we hope that you will continue to be a partner with us in this new era of indoor football in the ICR.

Over the past few months, the transition of ownership has been taking place and I feel privileged to have been selected to help in leading this franchise. Having officially relocated to Cedar Rapids just in the past week, I’ve been fast at work with meetings ranging from the U.S. Cellular Center to past medical partners, and season ticket holders to past sponsors. There is still a very long list that I intend to get through and so if I have not met with you yet, I look forward to seeing you soon.

As I’ve sat down with a variety of parties in the community to get a snapshot of the history of this team and in those talks there have been a few items that have become clear: this franchise has enjoyed success in the past and over the course of their existence there was an excited and dedicated fan base that supported them. But, over the past few years, the team has struggled to produce on the field, fallen short on fulfilling their promises, and the commitment to the community has declined as they attempted to maintain operations while experiencing shrinking crowds and revenue.

Those notes are not to be taken as an attempt to make a slight at the past ownership and management that guided this team to seven consecutive seasons of operations in Cedar Rapids. That, by all measures, should be an accomplishment met with praise and thanks to their resolve in doing everything they could to keep this team active and operating.

With the team now under new ownership and management we want to learn from the past but ultimately look ahead as we create a new future for indoor football in the ICR.

When I was brought on, I stated that my goals were “pretty simple.” We want to put a competitive team on the field, provide a high-quality sports entertainment experience at the U.S. Cellular Center for our fans, and get our focus back on the community that supports us.

To achieve those goals there are going to be some changes, but good changes. Over the next few days and weeks, you will see the new direction of our franchise unfold. I hope that you will meet them with excitement for what’s time to come in the 2019 IFL season and join us in rebuilding a great organization, both on and off the field, in Cedar Rapids.

For those that I have met with so far or interacted with online, you have seen that I value open communication and will provide as much transparency about the organization as I am able. So, as we partner in this process, I will not only be organizing various opportunities to meet with fans during the off-season but encourage you to ask questions on Facebook, send in emails, and be a part of our rebuilding process. I value your experience and input as, ultimately, this franchise is driven by the fans.

A few quick side notes to make you aware:

  • Office Location: I am in the process of securing a new front office location. For the time being, our Facebook page and website will be the best way to get a hold of me.
  • New Staff: I am in the process of posting and hiring new front office positions. If you are curious about full and part-time positions or internships, you can view those postings as they become available under the “Job Opportunities” page under the “Team” tab on our website.
  • Ticket Packages: Renewals and new ticket packages for the 2019 season are being developed. I am currently searching for a Director of Ticket Sales who I want to make a part of that process, so I appreciate your patience in allowing us to get organized so we can get that information completed and out to you as soon as possible.
  • Head Coach: I am in the process of interviews for our football operations staff for the 2019 season and will have updates in the coming weeks.
  • League Meetings & Dates: IFL league meetings will be taking place in October where we’ll be working toward the announcement of a 2019 regular season schedule, the start of the free agent period, and other league news. So stay tuned!

Again, I’d like to thank you for your past support and look forward to partnering with you in the future. This is an exciting time not only for our team but for our fans and the community. It’s certainly going to be a busy off-season and the 2019 IFL season will be here before we know it, so stay tuned and stay active with us as we prepare for the eighth season of indoor football in Cedar Rapids!


Ryan Eucker

General Manager, Cedar Rapids IFL